Ideas For Argumentative Essays – 18 Prompts For High School

Each time your tutor assigns you a topic on argumentative essay, it does not take you a lot of time to put the task together, fix my essay, and submit the finished work but this time around, you seem to be stuck. What could be the problem now? It is simple – you have been asked to come up with an interesting topic for your argumentative paper and being used to having the topic assigned to you, it is only natural that you are drawing blanks. This has left you in a frenzy because most of your classmates and friends are getting ready to turn in their papers while yours is yet to be started. If this seems like you right now, help is right before you.

You don’t need to waste any more time in writing your argumentative essay because listed below are 18 prompts that would help you write your high school argumentative academic paper. These prompts are as follows:

  1. Tobacco products – Should they all be banned?
  2. Gun use or ownership – Should there be stricter restrictions in the US?
  3. The legal drinking age – Should it be lowered or raised?
  4. Prostitution should not be legalized
  5. Birth control pills – When should girls be allowed to access them?
  6. Has the ban of certain drugs led to increase in black market?
  7. Should a woman have the right to decide whether to have an abortion or not?
  8. Should nude statues be removed from public places like parks?
  9. Is hate speech equivalent to freedom of speech?
  10. Countries endorsing child labour should be banned from exportation of goods
  11. Is animal testing a cruel process that should be banned?
  12. Should it be made compulsory that parents give children allowances?
  13. Should educated immigrants be given more rights?
  14. Should there be a ban on women wearing revealing clothes?
  15. Indecent dressing has led to an increase in sexual molestations
  16. Sex education should be given earlier to children
  17. Parenting classes should be made mandatory
  18. Breastfeeding in public places should be banned

These are some of the topics that would certainly interest you and make good argumentative essays. Before you start writing, you can search for samples to see how other students structured the tone of their academic paper, the use of anecdotes and other strategies that would help your paper be extraordinary. Go ahead and pick a topic and start writing your argumentative essay now.

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