What Makes America Great: Essay Sample

The United States of America is an American nation that is probably the most dominant economic as well as military power on the planet. Furthermore, its cultural footprint spreads across the earth, mainly because of its popular culture expressed in music, television, and films. The United States is racially and culturally diverse and has been formed by big waves of immigration from Europe & anywhere else. All of the concepts of American greatness identified in this specific series talk of values at the heart of American identity. From the start, the United States has been based on ideals. Our very own declaration of independence eloquently defined the freedom, and “life pursuit of happiness” as aspirations for creating a nation. Since that time, we’ve widened the set of ideas, some explicitly, as in the Constitution. This particular article talks about freedom of expression, freedom of other rights, and religion and provides legal protection. But it also defined them as fundamental values that drive the society of ours.

Things That Makes America Great

  • Specific constitutional protections such as equal protection and due process implicitly introduced various other ideals, like a strong belief in justice. These went well beyond the government’s domain. Consequently, the American sensibilities are actually offended by injustice in all the contexts of contemporary life from the schoolyard to the football and faculty admissions field.
  • The capacity to adopt the ideals as well as values that define American sensibilities that pose contradictions has been the secret to American success. It explains why Americans typically reject requests for ideological consistency.
  • The US economy is probably the largest in the planet in phrases of gross domestic product and by far the most technologically impressive. The country’s most vital exports are computers and electrical machines, vehicles, chemicals, food, military equipment, and live animals. The United States also has probably the largest coal reserves on the planet.
  • The land is home to several of probably the best colleges in the world, like The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.
  • The United States typically plays a leading role in international businesses and has been a founding force behind institutions, including the United Nations, NATO, and also the World Bank.
  • The important thing to restraining power as a part of American greatness has been the adoption of requirements that govern behavior when one holds power either since you’re the vast majority in the legislature or perhaps since you wear a badge. You have to limit the use of strength and prevent others, even the allies of yours, at that level. This’s very important in principle, but additionally to make sure that when you’re on the other side of the situation, you’re not subject to abuse.
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