5 Simple Steps for Composing an Outstanding School Essay

School students are often asked to write different essays. While some students have natural talents for writing and complete such tasks without serious problems, others often get low scores for their academic assignments. However, even a person who isn’t a natural writer will be able to improve their progress if they follow the right pattern during their work.

Steps to Take to Create a Successful Essay

  1. Select an interesting topic.
  2. It’s likely that your teacher has informed you about the general idea that your paper should be related to. To make your work original, however, you should narrow down this topic. It’s also advisable to choose something that is interesting particularly for you to write my college essay about.

  3. Make preparations.
  4. Different types of papers will require you to make different preparations. To write a good informative paper, you’ll need to thoroughly study your topic in order to provide the reader with accurate information; a persuasive paper will require you to come up with several arguments in support of your main point; and so on.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. You should plan the contents of your essay in advance. This way, it’ll be easier for you to work during the writing process. Any paper should consist of these three parts:

    • Introduction.
    • Here, you should inform the reader about the general topic of your paper and state the exact question that you’re going to discuss in the body.

    • Body.
    • This is the largest part of a paper that should consist of three paragraphs. Here, you raise your arguments or provide pieces of information relevant to your thesis statement.

    • Conclusion.

    This is a small paragraph where you summarize everything written in previous sections.

  7. Write a draft.
  8. Follow your plan and use simple language. Writing in flowery prose, you’ll increase the risk of making mistakes. Moreover, such a text might not be clearly understandable for the reader.

  9. Revise and edit.
  10. After your draft has been composed, it’s advisable to take a break and return to your text in half an hour. Look through your paper several times and correct your errors. You may also need to rewrite some sentences or even paragraphs to make your text more readable.

Coming Up with a Title

Experts recommend composing the final title of your essay when its text is fully written. This way, you’ll know what keywords to use in order to correctly reflect the contents of your academic work. Try to make your title not only informative but also eye-catching.

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